At every stage of both the design and manufacture of Lox every effort has been made to ensure the product is perfect.

Lox have been tested to simulate 50 years of daily use. Each back is hand-assembled and tested to make sure they are perfect. We are so confident in our product that Lox carry a lifetime guarantee on both materials and workmanship.

Providing Lox are used correctly they not only grip the earring post – the grip tightens the more you try to pull them off. The only way you should be able to remove Lox is to squeeze the metal clip across which will release their grip (see our how to use Lox video).

Obviously we have no control over how Lox are used, or any damage which may be caused to the product once it has left us. Therefore, we always advise that you practice using Lox on your earring before wearing them. This ensures that they work correctly and any problems or difficulties can be much more easily resolved.

Because Lox carry a lifetime guarantee, if you have any problems with Lox please do not hesitate to contact us.

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